Valentine week is about to come. The bird “Love” will be flying in the open sky. The love wind will be blowing all around. In such a season, how can be one touch to this word “Love”? If you also have someone special to whom you wanna propose then don’t wait. Propose him/her in a different and amazing style. Surprise Planner brings an amazing idea – Love proposal Surprise Setup in Jaipur.

Let him/her feel that how much you love and what you feel for hi/her. Your proposal surprise will speak every words of your heart. Our proposal surprise setup is available in different style with theme based. One of them is Love proposal surprise setup in Garden.

In a garden, we design and decorate love proposal setup. We use bunches of 8-10 heart-shaped helium balloons so that they can’t lay on ground but fly in air. Each bunch will be tied to a brick with help of a rose so that it won’t get escape and remain on ground. The rose-petals will be spreaded on ground. Paper props will also be there. Apart from it, there will be a proposal banner behind this setup. These all setups will be in a circle. The helium balloon bunches will be flying in entire circle.

Your surprise plan will execute when you come with your future beloved. Make sure his/her eyes should be tied by a black strip or covered by your hand so that your surprise will disclose initially and our hard work will be of no use. Hold his/her hand and walk to the circle. Take him/her in the middle of circle. Now, sit on your knees, let him/her open the eyes and propose him/her in your own words. This love proposal setup will definitely surprise your beloved. 

Your surprise setup will not yet end. When your will be proposing him/her, after then the paper props will allowed to burst. The colourful papers will be raining on your both. It will create a dreamy scene. Your beloved will think like flying in heaven and flower petals rain is raining on him/her. This Love Proposal Surprise setup will surely impress your would be love partner and your love proposal will get accepted.

So, don’t be late. On this valentine’s day, book your Love Proposal surprise setup in Jaipur and take a chance to propose in a unique style. We also have another love proposal setup iseas. It will depend on your choice.

What we’ll give:

  • Heart-shaped helium balloons, flower petals.
  • Paper props, proposal banner.

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