Love In The Star Dining in jaipur

Price: ₹ 3649.00 ₹ 3999.00

Location: bani park

Booking Date:

  • The Beautifully decorated Dinner table with Extra-long Tulle, Flowers & Eucalyptus Leaves LED table Runner, LED LOVE signage.
  • 5 course veg/ non-veg North Indian Lunch/ Dinner.
  • Romantic dinner setup.

About The Experience

Do you also have the memories of escaping to the terrace with your lover, just to spend some quality time with them and the world could not see it? Well, most of the couples have these memories of sneaking around with each other to the most private area of any home, so we are giving you a chance to relive all those memories and moments once again. Surprise planner presents a Rooftop candlelight dinner on a perfect spot of a terrace, the only difference that you need not sneak around anymore t ...o relive all those terrace moments of your relationship. This special opportunity comes with a touch of luxury as it is handled in a 3-star hotel in Jaipur. As you will arrive you will be welcomed with drinks of your choice and you get refreshed you can continue with your meals. A private butler will attend you and will take your order according to which you will be served with a 7-course meal which will include salads, starters, main courses, and desserts. And do not forget to customize your experience with adding cake, balloons, a private musician or anything you would love to have that night.

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