Paper Lantern Birthday Decoration in Jaipur

Price: ₹ 1899.10 ₹ 2499.00

Location: At home

Booking Date:

  • 15 paper lanterns (option to choose multi-colour or red & white)
  • 5 Fairy lights (length of each light is approx. 25-30 ft)
  • Vendor’s conveyance charge
  • Inclusive of all taxes
  • Have any queries?Just give us a call at 9116918882

About The Experience

Make this birthday some special and innovative. This year celebrate your birthday with paper lamp decoration. Yes, if you wanna make your birthday special, different and amazing, plan a paper lamp birthday decoration. Order your decoration at surprise planner. This time, surprise planner. brings a fantastic idea to celebrate a birthday in an extraordinary manner. Plan paper lamp birthday decoration at your home or else you can choose different places like a hotel garden area or sea beach.


We decorate your birthday ambience in such a manner that when you will see it, you will get surprised. At the birthday spot, we will bury a pole inside the earth and tie 5-7 ropes at the upper end of the pole. With a circle of 10-15 ft, all ropes will be tied to bamboos buried at the round line of the circle. After that, we will tie 6-8 paper lamps in each rope. We can use colourful paper lamps or one colour paper lamp for decoration. At the beneath of the pole, there will be a birthday cake table on which you will cut the birthday cake. In the evening, when we will lighten up birthday paper lamps, the whole ambiance will become bright in the lights of paper lamps. It makes your birthday a very special and everlasting experience. If you want to capture such a moment then just go for it because you will never get such an amazing view on your birthday.

The destination will become more beautiful when we spread out flower petals on the earth. We promise you to make your Paper Lamp Birthday Decoration much more surprising, amazing and mesmerizing moment. What we'll provide: - Single or multicolour paper lamps (As per your choice). - Flower petals (On-demand and chargeable). - Extra facilities on your demand (Chargeable). We also deal in surprise decoration, pool party decoration, dinner decor, home surprises, birthday special decor, proposal decoration, movie surprises, romantic experience, rooftop dinner with stay, cabana stay

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