Surprise planner FAQs

Q: What are the benefits of hiring proposals and romantic date planner?
A: As you hire a Proposal Planner or Romantic date planner, it can reduce the stress and tension between people and allow you to actually enjoy your different styles, personalities, and preferences. We work with many activities and romantic experiences concepts and then we plan everything for you. We are tied-up with trusted vendors, we look out for the perfect place and reasonable prices on your behalf. All you have to try is to show up and luxuriate in your event.

Q: In which cities you can plan for a proposal?
A: We are currently offering our services in jaipur, mumbai,  kolkata, hyderabad, Delhi, Guru gram, Noida, and soon it will be extended. For more details check out our gallery and visit the site.

Q: Do you help youngsters for their dating experiences?
A: Yes, Our motto is to create moments that is truly personalized and filled with memories and activities with proper & well planned proposal. We bind couples with our delightful services and explore their romantic experiences.

Q: How soon will I get the cashback offers?
A: After 30 days of the third subscription, cashback will be added to your wallet. For complete terms & conditions visit our

Q: What things would you offer if I choose luxurious experience with my girlfriend?
A: We have many curated services in luxurious experiences and there are some more interesting add-ons to make your experiences even more memorable. For this, you have to check out our services

Q: If I have an idea of the proposal, can you still help?
A: Yeah! Absolutely! encourages you to make your vision comes true, reduce stress and efforts. Spark some in-depth discussions that get a little personal in all the right ways. We make your idea more attractive and innovative with our live enthralling proposals.

Q: Does your activity help me to take everything smoothly?
A: Yes, our activity has exploded many dating options and put dating effectively on the stimulant. It helps you to discover, personalize and book amazing experiences for a romantic outing or enjoying outdoor activities with friends or family. We also create moments for couples and get them attached to our live experiences.

Q: How much should it cost to get our services?
A: We offer various proposals and romantic date packages. Email us or visit our website now to seek out a lot of information.

Q: What documents do I need to carry for your activities?
A: Sir/Ma'am, we don't require any document. Please carry an identity card to show valid proof of your identity as sometimes it may become essential.