Floral Wreath Gift Item

Price: ₹ 1499.00 ₹ 1999.00

Location: Jaipur

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  • Wooden Golden Ring Photo Frame, For Gift, Size: 20inches
  • Ring wooden
  • 12\15 photo Graphs

About The Experience

The Surprise The perfect gift to bring back the golden times and beautiful memories! Gift your loved one this Floral Wreath and relive the old and cherished times. A frame with flowers and photos, its bound to get them in their feelings! You can go on two routes with this: 1. Fill it up with photos of your "self-obsessed" friend, or, 2: Deck it up with nostalgic ones to take a trip down memory lane! All you need to do is send us 19 pictures and we'll bring this wreath to life!...p>

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