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Top 8 activities you can do on this Valentine’s Day in Goa 2024

Top 8 activities you can do on this Valentine’s Day in Goa 2024

Goa, the most popular tourist destination in India is all set to welcome couples on the Valentine’s Day this year. Although the beach town remains busy throughout the year, but February certainly is the best time to be there. 
For years, Goa remained the hot favorite destination for couples for Valentine’s Day. The number of tourists almost double during the Valentine’s week, as people from all parts of the globe head to this city. And the reason is simple; this city offers something special that is enough to make the day a memorable one. Along with the usual nightlife and beach views, Goa decorates itself for the Valentine ’s Day and a large number of special events are organized for couples.
If you are planning celebrate Valentine’s Day in Goa with your loved one this Valentine’s Day, here we have 8 awesome activities you may be a part of to make this day a memorable one. This is certainly going to be the Best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Goa.

Beach Picnic

Going to Goa and not visiting the beach is certainly an insult to this beautiful city. While people go to beaches for different reasons, you can make it a beautiful picnic place with your partner. Pack your basket with snacks, a bottle of wine and a cozy blanket. A picnic on the beach amidst cool breeze and soothing sunshine is worth a try.



Romantic Dinner Cruise

Goa is also a home to some of the most beautiful cruises in India, and enjoying a romantic dinner on one of these cruises is a lifetime experience. Book your cruise ride on the Mandovi River, and enjoy your dinner sailing through the water, enjoying live music, and a stunning sunset as your backdrop. You’ll certainly remember this day for a lifetime.

Candlelight Dinner at a Beach Shack

There is a huge number of beach shacks and beach-side restaurants in Goa that organize special candlelight dinners for Valentine’s Day. You get a wide range to pick from, in terms of cost, cuisines, and other activities. Book your candlelight dinner at one of these beach shacks and enjoy a memorable experience this Valentine’s Day 2024.


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Adventure Activities

Goa is also a home to a number of adventure activities, like parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boat rides etc. For couples who want to spend a thrilling Valentine’s Day amidst the nature, participating in one of these adventure activities can be a great choice. You can easily book your adventure trip online and explore the hidden charm of the Goa city.

Spa Day

Goa offers great couples’ spa where you can pamper yourself after a tiring day. A large number of spas and resorts in Goa offer special packages for Valentine’s Day where couples can visit and enjoy soothing spa sessions. You may also avail additional services like massage, facials, and relaxation treatments. This would surely sooth your soul after a tiring day.


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Sunset at Fort Aguada

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Goa is the Fort Aguada. The fort is surrounded by beautiful beaches and offers a great view of the city. However, if you want to make the best use of this place, sunset is the best time to be there. The fort has a special sunset point from where you can witness a great sunset sight above the sea. Thousands of people visit this place at this hour, and being there with your partner would be a memorable experience.

Live Music and Dancing

Goa is home to some of the best party places, located on the beach side as well as within the city. The city is also known for its vibrant nightlife. If you want to party hard, visit one of these clubs and beach bars. Enjoy live performances, songs, and dance. You’ll also find a variety of drinks to enjoy that would add to the charm of being there. The entire atmosphere in these clubs is so hypnotizing that you won’t mind spending an hour or two extra there.



Hot Air Balloon Ride

Apart from the beaches and nightlife, Goa also has beautiful landscapes where you may experience the thrill of hot air balloon ride. Have a look at the city beneath while flying in the hot air balloon, witnessing the beaches, forests, villages and scenic landscapes underneath. Booking a hot air balloon ride is very convenient. You can book it online or through any local travel agency there.
Bonus: Visit a Casino:

Goa is perhaps the only city in India where casino and gambling is legal. What’s more, the casinos in Goa are not just casinos, they are floating luxury. You read it right, the casinos are built on ships floating on the water, having beautiful and mesmerizing interiors. So even if you are not a fan of gambling, you can still visit these casinos with your loved one, because they offer delicious food, awesome drinks, and a large number of activities.


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Goa is a city that needs more than a day to fully explore. Even if you visit a beach a day, you need a month’s time. And then there are other activities that demand a longer vacation. But if you are visiting there for the Valentine’s Day or the Valentine’s Week, you can handpick some of the most renowned activities and places.
So here’s our Valentine's Day guide to Goa for couples. The beautiful city is all set to welcome you and offer you the most unique activities, specially planned for the Valentine’s Day. The choices are endless, and every corner of the city has something special to offer. However, if you want to celebrate this special day or the week there, you can engage yourself in these 8 activities. They are soothing, they are romantic, and they are loud – essentially, suiting people with different tastes. Have a great trip. Team Surprise Planner wishes you a great Valentine’s Day.


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