Car Boot Balloon surprise Decoration in Jaipur

Price: ₹ 2760.00 ₹ 3200.00

Location: Jaipur

Booking Date:

  • Happy Birthday Banner
  • 2 heart shape foil balloon
  • 1 multi colour/warm led light (battery operated)
  • 8 Pics with 8 clips
  • 2 silver frill curtains
  • 10 white, 10 peach and 5 silver chrome balloons
  • 10 rose bouquet

About The Experience

Surprise gift for girlfriend/boyfriend- car back decoration surprise. Long drives are perfect for everyone! Souls are struck by wanderlust, the journey matters as much as a destination so how about making this journey more special for your partner. We would turn your car trunk into a space full of surprises while going on a long drive with your friends, family or someone special. Imagine when you suddenly stop the car, open the trunk and your loved one's face will light up with a big smil ...e! Presenting the Car boot balloon decoration for a birthday surprise, anniversary surprise and for any other special occasion in Jaipur. You even can't imagine how much your partner gonna surprise & happy to see your love for her. This car boot (dikki) balloon decoration surprise is one the best surprises that you can have on your anniversary, for your date, for your beloved's birthday, etc. Don't miss the chance to surprise your love on a drive.

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